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Verdict: Daawat-e-Ishq is by no means a ground breaking film but it manages to highlight the glorious food while tackling the subject of dowry adequately. Even Parineeti’s charm can’t help it rise above mediocrity making it a one time watch.

What’s the movie about
Lucknow loving Tariq Haidar (friends call him Taru) has no enemies because everybody loves his cooking and he loves to feed. Youngest in the long line of khandaani bawarchis, he runs Haidari Kabab, the best Lucknawi restaurant which was established in 1899. When Taru flunked his twelfth class exams, he was not one bit perturbed because he had already gotten admission in the Haidari Kitchen where he learnt century old recipes invented by his fore-fathers.

Now armed with a whole range of zayqas (flavours) from seekh kababs to shahi tukdhas, Taru can win any stomach … and inevitably the heart.

His own heart, he will let only that girl win “jo sang sang chakh le meetha meetha har sukh har dukhdha” (she who is willing to savour with him, every sweet joy and sorrow). In spite of his parents’ best efforts, he has not found any such girl yet. But he is not bitter about it, he would rather wait for the partner with whom he has the right “tuning and setting.”

Will the perpetually happy, uncomplicated and straight-talking Taru find a match in Gulrez?

The only child of her doting father Gulrez (Gullu for friends) lives in a lower-middle class Hyderabadi mohalla, but zips away every morning on her scooty to the modern hi-tech part of the city where she works at a mall as a shoe-sales girl.

She is a hybrid of old mohalla spice and hi-tech city sophistication and her dream is to get out of the mohalla… to live in America as a famous shoe designer. But she couldn’t afford a degree in designing, because her high-court clerk father has been putting away all his savings into the dowry fund for her.

Gullu loves everything American, except food. She loves eating and specially the Dakhkhani cuisine. But her love for food stops at eating, the part that comes before that i.e. cooking, she hates.

Convent educated Gullu’s dream-life-partner is sophisticated, educated and very importantly fluent in English (preferably with an American accent). The problem is the amount of dowry that her father can afford to pay will only get her some uncouth crude fellow but this doesn’t make Gullu lose her optimism and humour.

In her quest to find her Mr. Universe, she comes up against “Big Boss Hyderi Kebab” and then… Love gets Spicy, Love gets Sweet, Love gets Bitter!

Is Tariq the clever solution to the spunky Gulrez’s problems?

Will Hyderabad ki tez Gulrez and Lucknow ka aashiq Tariq have the right “tuning and setting?”

Release Date : 19 September 2014
Year : 2014
Banner : Yash Raj Films
Producer : Aditya Chopra
Director :
Habib Faisal

Comedy, Drama

Daawat-E-Ishq Star Cast :
Aditya Roy Kapur…. Tariq Haidar aka Taru
Parineeti Chopra…. Gulrez Qadir
Anupam Kher…. Gulrez’s Father
Karan Wahi…. Amjad Baig
Sameena Raza…. Amjad’s Mother
Aslam Farshuri…. Amjad’s Father
Seema Sharma…. Tariq’s Mother
Aashish Raj Bidkikar…. Montu
Arvind Wahi…. Montu’s Father
Sheila Naidu…. Montu’s Mother
Sumit Gaddi…. Tariq Lawyer-Friend
Beena Malji…. Bilqees
Falgun Desai…. Rukmini
Vishvinder Reddy…. Babubhai
Sarvamangala…. Radha Reddy
Anusha Sampat…. Pooja
Radhika Sharma…. Suzy
Abhinav Parshpar…. Ateek
Danish Sabri…. Mateen
Simran Natekar…. Farida

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