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Verdict: Mardaani does a decent job on the predictable cop vs criminal formula. Straight forward storytelling and Rani’s gritty performance do justice to the hard hitting theme of child trafficking but excess melodrama makes it a one time watch!

What’s the movie about

Shivani Shivaji Roy: Rani Mukerji
Shivani Shivaji Roy is an astute cop working in Mumbai’s Crime Branch unit. She lives with her husband Dr. Bikram Roy and her niece Meera, both of whom she is very protective of. She is extremely attached and caring towards her family and excels at her work.

Though deft at picking up hidden clues and fearless in confronting hardened criminals, Shivani is also a compassionate human being. But when provoked, Shivani embarks on a personal war against the child trafficking mafia, which abducts and traffics a teenage girl Pyari, who is just like her daughter.

A lethal combination of calm perseverance and simmering anger are what drive her against a ruthless mafia kingpin… Walt.

Walt: Tahir Raj Bhasin
He could be your neighbour’s son… the regular guy next door, only 25, a smart and intelligent office goer.

Does he sound like someone you know? He could or can be any young guy around you…

But Walt is one of the most forbidding and merciless ace criminal mind in the cruel and malicious business of child trafficking and drugs. He sees nothing untoward in his heinous business – it’s just another recreational entertainment that he offers his clients.

Though he sounds like the twelfth man of the under-19 cricket team, he is the ruthless mafia kingpin, just having some fun!


India is the world’s hub for child sex trafficking
Nearly 40,000 children are abducted every year
Every 8 minutes a girl child goes missing in India!

Meet Shivani Shivaji Roy, Senior Inspector, Crime Branch, Mumbai Police, who sets out to confront the mastermind behind a child trafficking mafia, which makes the mistake of kidnapping and smuggling a teenage girl, Pyari, out of the city.

Pyari is like a daughter to Shivani and her family and in her obsessive hunt for the girl, she stumbles into the world of decadence and debauchery, cruel desires and exploitation and onto a case that will change her life forever.

What follows is a cat and mouse game between a fearless cop and a young and ruthless mafia kingpin in a war which is very personal.

Catch Rani Mukerji in the lead, playing an edge of the seat role of a lifetime, in this raw and gritty film which is a distinct departure from Pradeep Sarkar’s style of filmmaking.

Release Date : 22 August 2014
Year : 2014
Banner : Yash Raj Films
Producer : Aditya Chopra
Director :
Pradeep Sarkar
Mardaani Star Cast :
Rani Mukerji…. Shivani Shivaji Roy
Tahir Raj Bhasin…. Karan
Jishu Sengupta…. Dr. Bikram Roy
Priyanka Sharma…. Pyari
Avneet Kaur…. Meera
Anant Sharma…. Sunny Katiyal
Mikhail Yawalkar…. Sub-Inspector Sodhi
Anil George…. Vakil
Mona Ambegaonkar…. Minoo Rastogi
Digvijay Rohildas…. Jafar
Ashish Warang…. More
Sanjay Taneja…. Taneja
Gautam Babbar…. Tandon
Peter Manuel…. Mbosa
Eddie Teel…. Mbangwa
Rio Kapadia…. Commissioner Sinha
D.V. Vivek…. Commissioner Iyer
Sahanand Verma…. Kapil
Manik Puri…. Prakash
Prashant Sutra…. Mushtaq
Kanchan Pagare…. Goggle seller

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